About the Club

A CX Engine by Claire

A CX Engine by Claire

The CX GL MCC Ireland was formed in 2011 by a bunch of lads passionate about CX’s (mad).

The aim of the club is to keep these machines on the road so that they can be used in the way Mr Honda intended, not to sit and rot in a shed or be trailered around for all eternity.

The CX GL MCC Ireland is a club for those who have an intrest in or who own the following bikes:

  • CX500
  • Cx500 Custom
  • CX500 Eurosport
  • CX650 Eurosport
  • CX650 Custom
  • GL400
  • GL500 Silverwing
  • GL650 Silverwing

And any other variant of Honda’s Twisted Twin including Turbos,

A CX Engine by Claire

A CX Engine by Claire

So if you have a CX, be it a rusty heap or a shiny minter whether it is on the road or not, you are welcome to this club. A CX is a CX is a CX.

We are always on hand to help a member with restoration and repairs, and have a good pool of CX knowledge which we share through our online forum. If you are interested in joining the club, please use the “Contact Us” link and send us an email. We always welcome new CX’ers into the fold.

We have members spread all over the country and to maintain contacts the club generally meet once a month for breakfast. We meet in various locations around the country and try to ride there and try to ride a CX. The upcoming meet will be posted on the home page to give notice to those interested.

You are welcome to join us and see what we are like before committing to a future of all things CX.